Your Inbox Stuffed Full Of Leads Trying To Give You Money?

This Is Your Chance To Have All The New Leads You Can Handle Begging For Your Services... Whilst Spending No More Than 20 Minutes Per Day On Marketing

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Yes it’s true: Your client getting worries and stresses can be over for good.

Because after 10 years in the digital marketing game, I finally cracked the code for getting leads and clients.

In this short letter, you’ll discover where your perfect clients are hiding and how to get them to raise their hands up and ask for you to help them.

Hey, it’s me, Helen.

And just like you, I’m fed up with all of the crap advice on social media about how to get leads and clients.

I’m a little fed up, to be honest.

This advice seems to be coming from “fake experts” who haven’t earned more than a couple thousand pounds a month in their lives, let alone run a proper business… 99% of it is complete garbage and isn’t going to work for you

If you’re anything like me,

🤬 You are DONE with sitting around on your phone and computer every day trying to invent ways to get people wanting to work with you. It’s too frustrating and you’re tired of the same damn thing day after day!

🤬 You’ve had ENOUGH of getting on calls with people who “can’t afford” you, who were only “just interested”, whilst having to kill yourself to prove to them you are worthy of their business

🤬 You are BURNED OUT with trying so hard… pissing around in Facebook groups…  The stress of pushing so hard is getting to you and you wish leads and clients would come a little easier...

I know you’re ready to make a real change and get out of this situation you are in. Not just because it's long overdue and you deserve better, but because I was just like you not too long ago and you know I’ll lead you in the right direction.

I Know How Hard it Is

I fell for the same stupid advice we all do…

❌ Join 100 Facebook groups and give “loads of value”
❌ Connect with people, message them, and build a relationship with them
❌ Make a lead getting PDF that shows how much of an expert you are
❌ Start a Facebook or Linkedin group of your own and break your back to run it
❌ Make educating and inspiring statuses every single day to look super successful
❌ Learn FB ads and throw your hard-earned money down the drain…
❌ Become an Instagram influencer and take pretty photos standing by nice cars

The problem is that stuff just doesn’t work.

Those outdated and spammy tactics take too long, you piss off most of your leads, and makes you feel gross.

Every day you hope and pray people will hit you up… yet they rarely do. You end up waiting like you’ve been stood up on a date. You’re all dressed up... but he never shows.

Sometimes you wonder if you are even cut out for all this freelance entrepreneur stuff.

I doubted myself for a long time.

I know what it’s like to be broke…

I know what it’s like to feel like I’m just faking it…

Wondering if I’m truly cut out for this kind of freedom...

I know what it's like to rely on other people and not have my own “mini empire” that allows me to be able to do whatever I want, whenever I bloody hell want to.

Simply put: I want to set you up financially so you can be free.

No more shame, no more guilt, and no more helpless frustration…

Let’s just get some damn leads and earn more money, shall we?

It begins by joining my mastermind today.

And you can relax knowing 900 entrepreneurs have already joined my mastermind and trust me to help them! And the reviews are awesome… that’s because my processes are easy, proven, and you can start executing them immediately.

IT DOES TAKE WORK… but when you follow my step by step process and just do the things, you can start seeing results quite quickly.

My LinkedIn strategy is easy and gets results.

I had a digital marketing agency long before most other “experts” even knew what digital marketing was. My Linkedin process is based on over a decade of experience in marketing and business strategy.

The Mastermind teaches you the exact LinkedIn process I use and more. I teach you easy and fast ways to understand people better, make better offers, look more professional, and speak more confidently.

My methods have been tried and tested with thousands of other businesses and entrepreneurs who’ve achieved amazing results too!


Don’t even think about making a decision to join my mastermind now unless…

✅ You want leads to chase you like a seduced and charmed lover with giant hearts for eyes

✅ You want leads already sold on you, excited to pay your prices (no negotiation or hesitation!)

✅ You want your marketing quick and painless! The idea of spending no more than 20 minutes a day is very exciting to you

✅ You want to spend most of your working hours actually working with your clients

✅ You want to use your newly found free time to travel, and give your family special, once in a lifetime experiences

✅ You want to be debt free and have a massive savings account

✅ You want a fresh start and a new lease on life

✅ You want to be in control of your life, finances, and business

✅ You want to feel more confident

✅ You want to show them you ARE the badass you have trapped inside

✅ You want a pile of FU money so you can leave him (Only half kidding)

You’re about to finally have perfect, high-end clients dropping into your inbox every week asking for your services...

...and best of all? 

In just 20 minutes a day.

No magical fairy dust. No snake oil. No BS! Just a simple proven process that works for any business… let me repeat that: 

This Will Work For YOUR Business.

and business CAN be easy when you have the right support and training.

What Am I Getting Exactly?

This is a 12 week program to take you where you want to go. You’ll get lifetime access to the Mastermind, where I upgrade and refresh the content 4 times per year.

Over the next 12 weeks, we will: 

  • Discover EXACTLY, who your perfect client is. Most people will never figure this out on their own - even most experts can’t do this right, they just copy and regurgitate ineffective strategies from other people. It’s a lot of fun when you make that discovery… When you truly know who they are (and it may shock you to find out), you’ll see how easy it becomes to get them to come to you. No more bad clients who suck the life out of you!

  • Find, engage with, and attract those perfect clients to you with ease. This part of my process is eye opening because most people have no clue there is a better way than Facebook groups, cold messaging, and all that ineffective crap. My process takes some work, just like everything good in life does… but it’s quick and easy work, which leaves more time for clients. Or wine.
  • Create your success plan. What you want, why you want it, and how to ensure you’ll get it
  • Transform your Linkedin profile into a marketing machine that does all the work for you so you don’t have to even think about making complicated funnels, Facebook groups, or any of that time consuming and overwhelming nonsense. Instead, you can sit back and relax whilst the leads roll in.
  • Craft stories and content your perfect clients will flip their shit over. I’ll show you exactly how to create an emotional connection in your postings (and this is the real secret), how to keep these stories true to selling your services so you don’t end up with a lot of likes, and no leads… emotional connections increase sales, credibility, and recognition if you do it right. It’s a fine line and I’ll show you exactly where that line is and how almost everyone crosses it.
  • Build real, meaningful, and profitable relationships with awesome clients without spammy, icky, gross sales tactics.
  • Get celebrity and “dream-boat” VIP clients you never thought you could ever reach (or deserve). These clients will love you the most, be the least hassle, and can completely change your life through the opportunities they can open up for you through referrals.
  • Grow your network by 500-1000 ideal connections by the end of the mastermind. Don’t believe more is better. Linkedin is FULL of profiles with 5000+ connections who can’t get a client to save their lives. These 500-1000 QUALITY connections can literally provide you all the business you will ever need. Through referrals and connections, you can be set for life.
  • I’ll teach you my secret weapon - Putting joy, profit, and giving value at the forefront of your business and life. In other words - make the most money by having the most fun. Sleep like a baby knowing you are ethical, helpful, and all the bills are paid months in advance… by you.
  • Hundreds of ideal clients and influencers checking out your profile every week, allowing you to pick and choose who you want to work with instead of taking whatever scraps you can scavenge up.
  • Private access to our past lives/training library with recordings with special guest experts, weekly advice and training, and bonus content.
  • Lifetime access to my Linkedin Mastermind course updated regularly! (Worth £1497).
  • 12 months free access to my private Mastermind community where you’ll form new friendships, partnerships, and get feedback, support, and advice whenever you need it (worth £197/year). Including fortnightly coaching calls in the private community group, where you can ask me questions, learn and be motivated by the successes of the other mastermind members (worth £297/year).
  • Accountability and ass kicking! Sometimes we need more than hand holding. No more being an addicted course junky, jumping from shiny object to shiny object. We do the work and get the results. No excuses.

And Get These 2 Bonuses

Bonus #1: Facebook Ads ‘List Building’ Training (Worth £499)

Sometimes Linkedin isn’t enough for some of you freaks :-) If you want to take your audience building to the next level, or want to learn how to run ads for other projects you have going on, this training reveals exactly how you can run efficient and effective Facebook ads to build your list. No more guesswork. No more wasted ad spend. No more struggling to build your audience. Get in front of the right people, grow a list full of your ideal clients and make selling easy. Taught by my secret weapon, this guy knows what he is doing - in a sea of wannabe media buyers, this man is the real deal and will show you the truth about creating ads that convert without (too much) headache to set up.

Bonus #2: Sell Your £99 Thing Strategy (Worth £99)

Need to get some money in quick? Need to pivot or start something new? This training will take you through everything you need to start selling a one-hour consulting session for £99. This is the EXACT method I used to start my LinkedIn training business and I’ll show you what I did, what I said, and how it grew to what it is today.

  • Access to our past lives/training library and guest expert bonuses: £499
  • Lifetime access to my Linkedin business growth course: £1497
  • 12 months free access to my private support community: £197/year. Including fortnightly coaching calls as a group: £297/year
  • Facebook Ads ‘List Building’ Training: £499
  • Sell Your £99 Thing Strategy: £99

I’ve assembled £2,594 worth of value in the mastermind not including £494/year of the private community and coaching. Even if you stayed in the community for just two years, you are getting £3,088 worth of value today by joining the mastermind. 

£3,088 Of Value For Just £124.75?

We open this mastermind to new students only 4 times a year, and entrance is extremely limited to give you the attention and accountability you need to succeed. This is your chance and I’m going to make sure you don’t miss it.

I won’t let you pay me £3,088 today...

Because I’m gonna give you full membership for just £1497

And to make sure there are no excuses, I’m going to finance it for you at 0% interest.

I’ll cover the full cost of your membership right now so you can get started in the mastermind today. Just pay me back £124.75 every month until we’re even.


It’s time to start getting high quality, inbound leads for your business. Join the mastermind today and get started for only £124.75

Doors Close In:


I’ve done my best to knock you off the fence today. I truly believe my mastermind can change your life as it has for hundreds of my students.

What is it worth to you to finally pay down all your debts and be able to breathe again?

What is it worth to you to be able to travel with your family whenever you, barely thinking twice about it?

What is it worth to you to stop freaking out about money?

I believe you are here for a reason, and I believe you are at a crossroads today.

There are two paths you can take right now:

You can take the same familiar dirt road you’ve been taking… and there’s nothing wrong with that… but you and I both know its a dusty old path that’s not going to get you where you want to go. You’ve been down that road before and you know the dead end it leads to…

Or you can take the highway.

The highway feels exciting but also scares the shit out of you. The highway reminds you that you’re still alive! If you choose the highway, everything you ever wanted becomes available to you because everything you want is on the other side of fear.

And you’ll find that as you choose the scary highway, you find your dream car parked just ahead on the side of the road...

You walk up to it, open the door, and sit inside. It smells good… like new car and freedom.

The keys are in the ignition, begging you to drive it. So you do… you pull out onto the highway, step on the gas, and ride off into the sunset listening to your favourite song.

The Linkedin Mastermind is that vehicle.

Sign up before it's too late.

All I’m offering you is a proven plan and help to put it into action… a plan that can change everything for you… starting today.

Join now.

P.S. Still on the fence?

I understand completely. If you still have a few concerns, hopefully, I do a good job of answering them for you below.

Question #1: "I've done your challenge before and it was so intense, I don’t want to do that for 12 weeks non stop in the mastermind"

The mastermind is not that fast paced, don’t worry. I created the challenge to shake you up, it’s a sprint challenge! People worry about, "If I'm going to be away", "If I've got a holiday", "If I've got other priorities", and what I would say to that is, the implementation weeks in the Mastermind are built in with that purpose in mind, so the content itself is drip fed - you can go at your own pace if you need to - there’s plenty of support for my members at all levels.

Question #2: "Is it going to work for my business?"

I've said it plenty of times: I’ve not found a business yet that it won't work for. I've been in the trenches helping over 700 businesses in the last 18 months alone. There are all kinds of different businesses in the mastermind. It's not about the type of business, it's about being prepared to do the work. The principles are universal, and you will have the support to adapt the small nuances to your business. If you're committed to it and you do the work, it will work.

Question #3: "I’ve invested in so many courses before and been totally let down, I don’t want my fingers (and bank account) burnt again"

Yup, I’ve been there! I totally get where you’re coming from and it’s important you know this.

If your audience is on LinkedIn, then you can find them and you can make it work for your business. The big difference with the Mastermind compared to other things that I've seen, is the interaction. It's the support of the community that helps people to make this a success. So assuming you're prepared to do the work, then you haven't just got me and my strategies to implement, you've got a peer support network of 900+ other people, and people will almost certainly be within that community who do similar stuff to you.

Question #4: "I don't have time right now. I'll wait for the next one"

This makes no sense to me. You need to generate leads on Linkedin. So why are you waiting three months before doing that? Imagine how many leads could you generate in the next three months! Where would your business be in three months if you were picking up high quality leads every week starting now? In my experience, those who wait another three months before you even start, nothing changes. Three months from now, they’ll come up with another reason to wait three more months. Are you a waiter, or a doer?